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If you put the right person with the right idea and they find the time to invest into it??... I'm not going to say if anything is wishful or not. But the statement "turn garages into DIY manufacturing centers" caught my attention and I feel compelled to add... Before any great idea to work out of your garage completely cements itself, check into the Home Occupation ordinance. This differs from town to town. For example Sioux Falls has one, Madison does not, so if you can't find one, there probably isn't one.

The SF one has rules in there such as not using your garage for a business,controlling noise and vibrations. No day care and no kitchens. How many customers or business visitors you can have. I'll have to say, as a resident, I agreed with most of it and I was following all of it but this one rule of not using your garage.

Then also, if you apply for one and are denied, don't let that stop you. I tried to make changes to the ordinance and made it as far as the Land Use committee. I didn't succeed in making the changes, but I got what I wanted. It just needed a sit down with some city leaders to find a way to make it happen.

Some of the biggest leaps in innovation and technology were founded in the garage and eventually moved out to become big business. Go for it.

I actually get "WIRED" and finally felt vindicated when I saw this cover. I get so much poo-pooing that my ideas are bunk
...well with a little internet marketing I am starting to see results for both my TURBO TILLER (turns a regular lawnmower into a tiller)
and our Motorized Bicycles
someday ALL of my detractors will have to eat my shorts...
here's a couple of videos...


[[[ Note from Wiken: Obviously a little bit of product hype here, but videos are entertaining anyway. The Schwinn bicycle looks a lot like my 1953 version. Back in those days, guys were using old Maytag washing machine two-cycle engines with a belt driving the rear wheel via an extra rim welded to the side of the rim with the tire on it.
Interesting as well is the writer's note that via the internet, he is able to sell some of his wild and crazy ideas. The potential is there no matter where you are..perhaps even here on the plains and mountains of South Dakota. Mar 29,2010 ]]]]

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