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Thanks for posting this Douglas. This sounds really good and I am trying to figure if this is a cradle to cradle product.
Wood being a biological nutrient can be composted. Can thermally modified wood be composted just at a slower rate? My guess is that some organisms will eat it but will prefer other things.
Is this stuff rated for direct ground contact?

[[ Note from Wiken: I can't really answer your questions. There is more information at the links in the post which may provide answers or locations where you can find more info.

The heating is claimed to change the structure of the wood and availability of nutrients attractive to insects, bacteria, fungus, etc into something indigestible. No source of the stuff around here. I posted the info in the hopes that a South Dakota lumber company would consider manufacturing the product. Right now I don't have time to do much more research on the product. Mar 26, 2010 ]]]

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