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Mar 19, 2017


W. J. Srstka

Marty Robbins and Roy Orbison are well worth the price.


Doesn't it seem like a bad business model for a brick-and-mortar business to train customers to shop on-line with Amazon and so many low-price outlets only a click away? I would think the smarter play would be to incentivize customers to come inside and shop in the physical world.

Mike Jones

One of those Chicago stations was 890 WLS. Had killer music for the day and exciting car commercials for us small town boys. Mr Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge they advertised Hemi Chargers and 340 Six Pak Challengers. Nikey Chevrolet advertised SS396 Chevelles and Camaros. We loved that stuff. KOMA in Okla. City was the old nite time standby music station. WNAX in Yankton was mostly country and bigband. On the tractor radios in the daytime, KSJB in Jamestown and KFYR in Bismark both had good music (rock and top 100, I didn't do country). I remember my grandmother listened to KOA Denver and WBBM/WGN Chicago on her Zenith Transoceanic. The geek in me had acquired a well used Hallicrafters SX-90? shortwave radio by the time I was 9. Listened to stations all over the world, wild stuff for rural Hamill, SD. in 1959. Radio Sweden had some great music programs in English. I heard most of the new release music weeks before KOMA/WLS ever played it.

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