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Mar 13, 2013


larry kurtz

Doug: you're so cynical.

William Srstka

I can't believe you could be so ignorant as to post this drivel. I always thought you were more intelligent.

[[Note from Doug: Bill, So good to hear from you after all these years. Now that you are no longer under the robes, you have time to comment. Your ideas after all these years deserve your own blog. Get on it and spread your wisdom--- Doug]]

Julie Gross (NE)


It used to be that such bigotry was underground and under the white hood.

The religious bigotry of this screed is despicable.

"I do wonder if a Jesuit, known as the Pope's lawyers, will be very flexible in adapting Catholic dogma into a better fit with modern world reality."

You've confused dogma with teachings. But bigots cannot be expected to be informed. In any case, as a raving and insecure atheist, why do you care what a church--any chruch-- does?

[[ Note from Doug-- Thanks. Another indicator that you are unable to add anything other than insults. Dogma and teaching, six of one and half dozen of the other. Why do you care what somebody you disagree with says about a church?..Any church?--- Doug Wiken]]]

Matt Staab

Wow. Very disappointing to read the hatred and bigotry. Sad to see this in 2013.

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