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Mar 27, 2012


D.E. Bishop

You are very good at coining a wonderfully descriptive phrase. In this post I especially like:
"collection of lawyer politicians on the SCOTUS"


"parasites and the unlucky needy"
That's a much better descriptor than the slurs that blanket every single person in need of government help through no fault of their own. There, see how much more concise and colorful your 5 words are?!

Everything they are arguing now points straight toward the sense and legality of simple medicare for all. We'll have to see how that "retrograde species of humanity" attempts to spin their way out of that obvious conclusion.

Thanks Doug.;

[[Note from Doug-- Thanks for the compliment. Sometimes my tongue is a bit too tinged with acid. My wife works at local hospital. Privacy rules prevent her from telling me anything, but I know that their system like probably all medical systems gets a mixture of patients and clients...some with the best insurance, some with half-good insurance, and some with no insurance, but willing to pay their bills over time no matter how hard that is for them. There are also those who have no insurance, and no intention of ever paying for anything. Our insurance and those who pay cash are victimized by those who are irresponsible, and by the governments which require care for everybody, but make no provision for paying for everyone. My guess is the Supreme Court justices have no experience with ever having difficulty paying for medical coverage just as those who are in Congress can get the best of care for next to nothing.-- ]]]]

Joan Brown

I am all for National Healthcare. That being said I also think that the Supreme Court Justices should be appointed for a certain number of years, not life.

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