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Jul 12, 2011



Agreed. Pledges like Norquist's seem to violate the "Republic Not a Democracy!" principle Norquist types like to shout. A legislator should have the freedom to use all available policy tools to address changing situations. "I won't raise taxes" is maybe a nice declaration of fiscal philosophy, but it ignores the possibility that stuff might come up (war, flood, drought) where the only way to keep the doors of government open and provide vital services is to go get more revenue.

Douglas Wiken

Yup Cory, it is the private corporate version of a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget and shares the same kind of problems and potential for economic crash and disaster.

Bill Dithmer

What do the following men have in common other then their relationship to terrorism?
AKhaled Saffuri,
bdurahman Alamoudi
al-Arian’s l-Arian
Mazen al-Najjar
Suhail Khan,
Mahboob Khan,
Ayman al-Zawahiri,
Nihad Awad
Ghassan Elashi
Bassem K. Khafagi
Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
Muzammil Siddiqi.
Agha Saeed,
Sami al-Arian
Eric Vickers
Mahdi Bray
The answer is that they all know the man responsible for the pledge to not raise taxes Grover Norquist.

With my faulty mental condition of the last few days I was having a hell of a time trying to come up with just what was bothering me about this man and the people that so blindly follow and sign his pledge. Then while I was setting in the bathtub in the dark trying to get some relief I remembered where I had first read about Grover Norquist. It was in a very conservative publication and it was in the year 2003 while the stink of 9-11 was still fresh on Americas mind.

This article lays out facts that are documented and a time line that represents over twenty years at that time of Norquist involvement with radical Islam. Through four administrations he had access to the inner circle of the White House including our presidents.

One has to wonder how many of the people that have signed his pledge actually know who and what he is? And would they be so willing to hitch their horses to his cart if they did know?

I cant do a link right now but I will copy and past because it is important.

A Troubling Influence
By: Frank J Gaffney Jr.

And it was in the online cosevative

This is a very interesting read and should be required for anyone that has signed the pledge. No scratch that it should be required reading for everyone. You know this man must be dangerous if Karl Rove didn’t trust him being around President Bush.

I am a little bit crazy but I am still The Blindman

Douglas Wiken

Bill, Thanks. I stumbled onto some of that when I was searching for the hammer that Grover Norquist was using, but thought it was perhaps too old to tangle in with his current extortion/bribery-like pledge, etc.

Stace Nelson

One of the core planks in the SD GOP platform is that we will work to reduce taxes & government on South Dakotans. Despite that, the push for both happily came from within the ranks of those that claim an (R) behind their names. The only people I am responsible to for taking on that burden of saying "no," are the voters. The average person seeing how much & where we spend your tax dollars, would say NO MORE TAXES!

Lorenza De La Llata

Norquist's pledge to appose any and all tax increases for people and businesses unless matched dollar for dollar by further tax cuts in ludicrous. It violates our Constitution. So, when someone pledges to Norquist's pledge, they are ignoring the intent of the founding fathers: The forming of a more perfect union, fairness and justice for all, it treatens our ability to ensure domestic tranquility and proper defence and it prevents us from providing for the 'commom good' (mostly men and woman of lessor means and power) allowing the powerful and rich to reap (a nation that would take from the poor to give to the rich). I am not an executive nor am I a 'rocket scientist.' I am a 'commom woman.' A part of the majority of this nation. What can we do to overturn this crazy pledge that harms our nation and so damages and hurts our people?

Clemens Gunther

Thought when you take office, you pledge that you have not pledged to any other organization/ group country etc.. That any pledge you have made to any other organization becomes null and void.

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