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Aug 24, 2008



Now, if Obama can remember how many states he's been to...57, I believe?

About the Sabbath gasbags (I like that)...I heard the radio broadcast of Brokaw on Meet the Press. When he introduced Madame Speaker Pelosi, I thought, OMG, here we go with the fawning.

But Brokaw actually challenged her (McCain's poll numbers re: confidence as commander in chief, and Obama's cowardly non-answer at Saddleback on when life begins). Brokaw not only asked the questions (guess he felt obligated since his companion network, MSNBC, is perceived Obama campaign headquarters), but he followed up.

Pelosi stumbled all over herself, even when parrotting the usual talking points. Guess she didn't expect Brokaw to be!!! Wow. I almost drove off the road.

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