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Feb 24, 2006



It's a sad day when a rapist has more rights than his victim. If I were a young woman in college in South Dakota, I think I would consider taking my job skills to a state where my rights as a human being are more respected.

If any South Dakaota woman reading this is a rape victim, know this--you don't have to stay there. There is nothing illegal about you leaving the state to get an abortion. If you can't afford to leave, then there are other alternatives--many domestic violence centers in other states would most likely be happy to give you safe shelter. You don't have to resign yourself to being victimized for life by both your attacker and the South Dakota legislature.

I will never buy another thing that comes out of South Dakota...I cut up my Citibank credit card today. I won't buy from Iams or Gateway. The only thing the idiots in power understand is money...and that's how we are going to have to sqeeze them.


Thank you for providing the perfect phrase to frame this issue. A complete ban on abortion is a protection of "Rapists' Rights." This isn't pro-life, it's pro-rapists, pro-fathers-who-abuse-their-daughters. South Dakota is declaring that girls and women are 2nd-class citizens and their right to not be victimized is less important than the rights of criminals. How very sad it is that the South Dakota legislature believes all sperm is Divine.


Give us more names of businesses to boycott! Where can we have bumper stickers made?


Found this in a BBC article:Could this be the end of Roe v Wade?
By Clare Murphy
BBC News

"If states can decree that life begins at conception, they might also be able to use state custody laws to curtail the movements of pregnant women," William Baude argued in a recent New York Times editorial.

"Once Roe has been overturned, a state may be able to place an unborn child into protective custody, forbidding their mothers to take them across state lines."


Um... this bill is not about giving rights to rapists or discriminating aginst women- many women are pro-life. Plain and simple, it is not right to murder an innocent child for the crime of their father. This bill is about protecting the innocent children. Pregnancy can be perfectly safe if the woman recieves quality prenatal care- and that's where government funding should go.

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