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Apr 13, 2005



Your interest in neutrino research, Homestake, Nobel prizes, etc., visit

Doug Wiken

Take a look at the "Portable Poetry Portal". Poetry and I are not really very good friends. Unlike Glen, I must confess I have never much appreciated digging meaning out of poet's puzzling phrases...despite attempts by several literature teachers to communicate something in that regard to me.

Combining poetry with the intricacies of Quantum Physics makes it even worse. Modern Physics was more than enough of strain on my abilities without translation into poetry...Dr. R.D. Redin struggled to fire up enough confidence in his teaching style to barely speak physics aloud in English let alone in poetic mode. He fought battles with a piece of chalk at the blackboard and sometimes there was concern he might lose a battle with his own chalk. Darn nice guy anyway. Not sure if he is still alive or not. He was a professor emeritus long before I started spewing forth in blogs.


Science and poetry! Who would have thought that these two fields had so much in common? Yet today major scientific institutions the world over boast ‘resident poets' - and science itself provides material in abundance for the poets of today.

Many very famous poets have drawn upon science as a source of inspiration, whether to comment upon it and its effects or to simply borrow words, phrases and attitudes of enquiry.

It's not all the preserve of poets though. Through the ages, scientists have written numerous poems that draw upon their professional interests. Apparently Sir Isaac Newton wrote a considerable amount during his student days, and Miroslav Holub was one of his more recent kindred spirits.

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