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Mar 22, 2005


Doug Wiken

You have some real problems with reading comprehension.

I don't know if maintaining a misperception about Bush and thus " lying" to yourself is a lie
in the way you mean it or not. I think Kerry made the same mistake. This post has more
to do with my cynicism and amazement that he ever had that idea.

And frankly I don't remember if the question referred to past or present... The old all depends
on the meaning of "is" business. .If I had intended to say Daschle lied, I would have stated
it plainly in such terms. I think it was more a problem of pride and hope clouding he and
Kerry's senses. Whatever, it was a serious mistake for them. I was appalled that they
did not lay out Bush lies in detail.

Thune is not real. He is an empty shirt. I have met him. He is smoooooooothhh. People
also need to remember that when Jack cut down the beanstock, he did not become the giant.
Imputing Daschle's ability and accomplishment to Thune because Thune and a dirty campaign
beat Daschle is a fundamental mistake in logic.

))))))))) Doug Wiken


Sooo Jimmy. If I understand you, you imply that it is lie to not call a liar a liar? Even if you are correct, I have much more respect for someone who doesn't tell the whole truth out of respect for the institution of the presidency (not to be confused with the holder of the office) than someone like Thune who believes it is okay to manufacture garbage, much like you have done, and present it as truth because the end justifies the means.
I was pretty disappointed that Daschle didn't state the truth,i.e. "Bush lied about Iraq and he lies with impunity whenever confronted with unpleasant truths or whats to make political hay." However, even if Mr Bush is the sorriest example of a leader any country anyone could hope to have, he is still our president and you go to hell with the president you got not the one you wished you had or the senator for that matter.

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