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Below are some phrases and comments I have made over the years at Salon Table Talk and
Old taglines, etc from TT and blog posts here and there:
#For a thirsty man, fog is not a substitute for a drink of good clean clear water.
# Republican proposals are wrong. If you think they are right, you just don't understand the real issue.
# Republican leadership specializes in toxic solutions to non-existent problems.
# Republican "Virtue" follows money--no matter how it was stolen.

# What would we do if we knew what we were doing?

# "Give the government enough rope, and somebody innocent will be hanged.

# Powered by Coffee; Lubricated with Aspirin.

# Now and then I am amazed at how much historical mold and mildew has been stored and can be recalled.
# Being lucky once is reason enough for never doing something stupid twice.
# current tagline: Republican "Virtue" follows money--no matter how it was stolen. Not taglines, but some possibly interesting phrases I have written in posts:
# Some experience is really only baggage. Feb19/04
# The corporate media shoots Howard Dean in the back and then tries to plant the gun in his hand and turn a media murder into a suicide complete with a corpse burning while they are at it. Gives credit to the idea that the Crony Capitalists media really does fear Howard Dean.(Feb16/04]
# Howard Dean is a good man, and the contributions of hundreds of thousands of small contributors mean he will still be a good man when he becomes President and will remain a good man.
# It is a bit too much like an apology from a hangman.
# Bush and Bush Thug Administration lies and fraud have converted young Americans of both sexes into cannon fodder for big oil and crony capitalists..or canon fodder for evil, vile, egregious red in fang and tooth ideology .
# Mixing religion with politics stirs up a big can of poisonous worms...and words.
# One never knows when those terrorists might be just as clever as the politicians seeking to convert fear of terrorism into votes. Tiz a puzzlement.

# It is amazing what "regular" press seems able to ignore or omit. They can have an elephant turd the size of a small truck in their newsrooms and find a way to write a story about a Democrat jackass laying speckled blue eggs,
# NEO-GOP Dogma: Borrow to indebt future generations and squander to benefit the already too rich.
# With fun like this, who needs tragedy.
# Hate is not required to observe that a lot of misery comes from blind faith in deities whose eternally ambiguous intentions can be wildly and aggressively misinterpreted.
# Lawyers are maligned as the cure of the disease they cause. Religions don't even rise to that level.
# Wear stupidity and ignorance like a regal gown and you may be criticized for your taste in clothing.
# Ah wingnuts, the bell that rings when you yank the chain, may be on your own cage.

# Humor goes south for the winter.
# Ignorance of the law is no excuse...unless you are on a Texas jury.
# For every forum action there is an unequal and confusing reaction.
# Bush looks small if he is not wearing his war boots.
# For the coalition of the drilling, Iraq rolled out a red carpet...blood red.
# Bush did not take French leave, he took Freedom leave.

# The Democrats have not drifted as much as slid completely off the common sense road into the ideological "free market" libertarian ditch.
# Bush warz make the Texas Twit "The Warz President". To paraphrase Ann Richards, all we will be hearing is Warz, warz, warz, warz, warz.........
# Far too many people willing to buy a basket full of venomous snakes, scorpions, and skunks if it is wrapped in the flag and dripping with blood of young soldiers.
# I am so very tired of Casper Milquetoast Democrats thinking like accountants calculating every impact of every fine and irrelevant nuance that appeals only to those who will never, ever vote for a Demcrat for any major office of any kind.
# Bush looked us in the eye. He didn't lie about a DWI or being AWOL or even about ...gasp...sexual affairs...nope. Bush looked us in the eye and lied like a little weasel about matters of national security and citizens lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

# Yellow peril, red scare, terrorist scare..Republicans run on bogey-man fuel. Republicans are the Monsters, Inc. of politics.
# "Liberals should shut up and thank heavens that Bush has only 5 fingers and that limits the number of wars he can consider." [note: in a satire thread]-
# Praying to the God of Unintended Consequences?
# They hoped for a rider on a white horse, but got one on a white elephant instead.
# California on the cutting edge of politics--moving from plausible deniability to implausible excusability.
# Brasso doesn't keep brass shiny forever.And "boilerplate" does not make good political stew.
# Unlike rain and piss, money does not trickle down by itself.
# Heroes are the cure of the diseases caused by Bush Thug policies.
# The only consistency with Republicans is their hypocritical inconsistency.
# Perfection is not epitomized by "perfect assholes"
#They were so proud of exploiting federal funds, it was like the second coming of Christ to them and they had performed a caesarian section.

And here is a kind of profile from a site with some blog tools. Don't know how seriously to take this kind of stuff however.

Your Dominant Intelligence is Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
You are great at finding patterns and relationships between things.
Always curious about how things work, you love to set up experiments.
You need for the world to make sense - and are good at making sense of it.
You have a head for numbers and math ... and you can solve almost any logic puzzle.

You would make a great scientist, engineer, computer programmer, researcher, accountant, or mathematician.


Government and politics are basis for most of my forum and blog posting. I am also interested in science and technology, education, history, humor, and even the weather. As a South Dakota resident and farmer, my interests in the areas mentioned tend to relate to South Dakota aspects or concerns. Media, including the internet, TV, radio and newspapers also interest me. The current domination of opinion radio and TV and even "news" channels by Right Wing ideologues willing to invent and distort "facts" in support of failed policies also concerns me as a real threat to actual democracy. Current Republican leadership viewing politics as bayonet warfare is also a threat to fundamental freedoms, constitutional balance of power, lives and liberty.
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