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Apr 26, 2016


Wade Brandis

I got a Roku stick last summer since my old Roku HD box was too slow to run the YouTube channel.

My Roku list is mostly news and streaming video from Netflix, YouTube, or general technology videos from Cnet and others. I do check out the channel store from time to time. It just boggles my mind just how many religious Christian channels are on there. Every time new channels appear, nearly half of them are from obscure Christian TV channels or churches I never heard of. I also tried out this so-called "Oldies" radio channel which plays nothing but techno music. So yes... you have to pick all the junk channels to find good ones. There are also some channels you have to pay for upfront.

BTW, is your Weather link WeatherNation TV? I have them on my Roku along with our Dish satellite TV package. They are a far better weather source than The Weather Channel.

THANKS WADE---We are mostly playing with it yet ...looking for what else is there --KSFY news and weather clips and PBS stuff we missed. The weather channel I prefer right now is Weather4US. -Doug Wiken

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