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Nov 12, 2013


Rita Goebert

Interesting that I too, wrote a check on that date and thought of the significance for someone who was born that day. Also, I like your creative recycling of the leaves and container. Very pretty.

I have been thinking of the two of you this week as I have been reading an interesting novel: GIANTS IN THE EARTH by o.e. rolvaag, billed as a Saga of the Prairie, translated from the Norwegian by Lincoln Colcord and the author.

So much of what I am reading reminds me of the letters you used to write to my Mom about your life back home, after you and Wanda returned to South Dakota. Now, more than ever, I can fully appreciate and visualize what the author is describing.
The story begins in 1896, when Rolvaag lands in New York, and heads to South Dakota.

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