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Sep 09, 2013


Bill Dithmer

Doug you are right on all accounts. Add to that the fact that we haven't picked a winner in a war sense WWII and you can see that the only ones that have won are the defense contractors.

Cut the strings, to everybody not just the Arab countries. The most unholy tit sucking country in the world Israel should be forced to stand up for itself and stop hiding behind the wealth of weapons that the US furnishes to them. Duel citizenships, voting places right there in Israel, a strong lobbying machine that sucks the money from our side of the ocean in the name of "the chosen people,"and a spy network that is second to none the spy's on who? That's right the US.

Do I sound like I hate Jews? Not hardly. The fact is that the country of Israel stopped being about the Jewish religion after the Seven Years War and became something else. They have learned how to push the buttons here in the US to get what they want, money and weapons. It's time to put an end to it all. Either you are an American or an from the promise land. How simple is that.

Now I don't expect anyone to read this so Ill just continue. Shut down all but a hundred of the estimated five hundred military bases around the world.

Stop this insane world police thing. Once they find out that you aren't going to come every time a couple of thousand people get wacked they will stop fighting and find a way to fix their problems without our help. I cant think of a single time it has worked "without continued presence anyway."

Bring our troupes home
Wean the defense contractors off the government tit
Rebuild the infrastructure from the money saved
Invest in all the energy concepts mentioned above
And keep our noses out of business that we don't have anything to do with

It's not just about money, although that would be enough, it's about common sense.

The Blindman

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