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Mar 04, 2006


Anni Hunter

Why is it that women are innocent, hapless victims who are cruelly exploited by the availability of abortion while simultaneously being selfish, slatternly sluts who deserve the punishment of forced pregnancy? Why is that these contemptable, selfish, slatternly sluts are qualified to rear the "products of conception" they would likely abort, given the opportunity. I'm so confused.

John Stuart

"These are NOT human beings."

My understanding was that even Roe held that yes, the fetus was a human being but only a POTENTIAL person under the 14th Amendment and therefore not under the protections of the 14th or other amendments.

I mean clearly the fetus is composed of living homo sapien cells. Even Roe held that.

The argument is ultimately is that clump or blob of homo sapien cells a person? If no, as Roe held, then the person in the equation (i.e. the mother) can abort the homo sapien non-person.

Am I misunderstanding Roe here?

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